Economic Opportunity Threatened by Immigration Reform that Excludes Women and Families

January 28, 2014


Leslie Patterson
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In Response to Obama’s Statements on Immigration Reform

In tonight’s State of the Union, the President reiterated support for immigration reform and stressed the importance of passing legislation in 2014. He highlighted the economic benefits of immigration reform; however, he did not make specific demands of the House, indicating that he will give House Republicans time and space to develop their own approach to reform.

We Belong Together Featured in "The future isn't unisex" in Salon

Soraya Chemaly

Two weeks ago, the immigration reform organization We Belong Together: Women for Common Sense Immigration Reform, hosted a panel on the status of reform. The purpose of the panel, which included the organization’s co-chair Pramila Jayapal, Gloria Steinem, Sen. Mazie Hirono, D-Hawaii, and a host of other activists and policymakers, was to share information about why gender matters and to correct distorted media portrayals of what immigrants and immigration looks like.

"I May Just Be One Voice, but It Matters"

Berenice Ramirez
National Journal

In many ways, Berenice Ramirez is a typical 17-year-old—hanging with friends in Florence, Texas, and waffling on which college she might want to attend to pursue her dream of becoming a doctor. In other ways, as a native of Mexico without American citizenship, she is very different. She has been granted Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals status but worries about the prospect of being split from her parents and other undocumented family members.

Hijos de indocumentados piden a los republicanos por la reforma migratoria


Las cartas fueron recopiladas desde octubre

Son chicos pero no dudaron en sacar fuerza y coraje para pedir por sus papas. Docenas de niños acudieron hoy al Capitolio para entregarle a 60 legisladores republicanos más de 6,000 cartas en las que les imploran que aprueben de forma urgente la reforma migratoria.

Varios menores de edad expresaron también su expectativa de que el presidente Barack Obama suspenda más deportaciones por vía administrativa, tal como hizo en 2012 con algunos inmigrantes menores de 30 años traídos a Estados Unidos durante su niñez.

Niños piden reforma migratoria en Congreso EEUU

Luis Alonso Lugo
Associated Press

WASHINGTON (AP) — Docenas de niños acudieron el lunes al Capitolio con la intención de entregar a 60 legisladores republicanos más de 6.000 cartas en las que imploran la aprobación inmediata de una reforma migratoria.

Varios menores de edad expresaron también su expectativa de que el presidente Barack Obama suspenda más deportaciones por vía administrativa, tal como hizo en 2012 con algunos inmigrantes menores de 30 años traídos a Estados Unidos de manera no autorizada durante su niñez.

Acusan a Boehner de ser el "Grinch" de niños inmigrantes

María Peña
La Opinión

Washington - Niños activistas de todo el país, incluyendo algunos nacidos en EEUU de padres indocumentados, entregaron este lunes más de 6,000 cartas a líderes republicanos en el Congreso para exigir una reforma migratoria que permita la reunificación familiar.

En un hacinado salón del edificio Rayburn de la Cámara de Representantes, los niños, como los gemelos mexicanos Angel y Javier Ortega, ofrecieron testimonios sobre lo que significa crecer sin padre o madre por las deportaciones y separaciones de las familias.

Tough tactics on immigration reform

Seung Min Kim

Immigration reform advocates have tried being polite. They’ve staged acts of civil disobedience and warned Republicans the party will pay at the ballot box if they drag their feet on an overhaul.

But none of that has worked — so now, immigration activists are in all-out harassment mode.

In recent weeks, advocates have taken a decidedly sharper, more aggressive turn in their efforts to pressure lawmakers — primarily Republicans — on an immigration overhaul that would create a pathway to citizenship for millions of undocumented immigrants in the country.


December 10, 2013


Leslie Patterson, 561-801-5963

Children deliver 6,000 Letters to House Republicans urging a new law that keeps families together, Ask Why GOP Failed to Pass Immigration Reform in 2013

[December 9, 2013] On Monday, December 9th, a delegation of youth from Florida, North Carolina, California and Texas converged in Washington, DC with local youth to deliver the holiday wishes of thousands of children across America, all of whom want just one thing for the holidays: immigration reform that will keep their families together.

Kids to Congress: Family Unity is Crucial to Immigration

Equal Voice News

They stood together with adults on Capitol Hill in Washington, D.C. on Monday to talk about the grown-up issue of comprehensive immigration reform – a topic that some of the most powerful elected leaders in the country can help decide.

But the kids and teens from California, Texas, North Carolina and Florida used something else besides the spoken word to raise their voices about how deportations affect them, their parents and family stability.