Obama Immigration Plan to Boost Low-Wage Workers

Katherine Peralta
USA Today

Jeannette Vizguerra is a mother of four from Mexico City who has been in the U.S. for 17 years. She’s made a living in Denver working in jobs from housekeeping to food vending, though she’s undocumented.

“Practically my whole family is here now,” she says, who along with her husband, brings in about $3,200 a month for the family of six.

We Belong Together Condemns Expansion of Family Detention System to Detain Women and Families Fleeing Violence

November 19, 2014


Washington, DC – We Belong Together condemns yesterday’s announcement by U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) indicating their intention to expand the family detention system by opening the South Texas Family Residential Center in Dilley, Texas in December.

‘Dreamer Moms’ fast near White House, hoping Obama will grant them legal status

We Belong Together is pleased to hear recent news that President Obama has committed to taking executive action to provide relief to millions of immigrants before the end of the year, and maybe as soon as this week. Millions across the country have marched, testified, fasted, done civil disobedience, and raised our voices to demand common sense immigration policies, and as a result of this the White House is listening.

Will President Obama act to keep families together or will he tear more families apart?

We Belong Together, America’s Voice, and United We Dream are turning up the pressure on President Obama to act on immigration. We've produced a series of short video clips, taken from well-known movies and TV shows, that show the pain of families being separated and the joy of families being reunited.

The movies call the question for President Obama -- will he act to keep families together or will he tear more families apart?

We Belong Together Proudly Congratulates Senator-Elect Pramila Jayapal on Her Decisive Victory in Washington State Senate Race

November 5, 2014


Washington, DC – We Belong Together proudly congratulates Co-Chair and Washington State Senator-Elect Pramila Jayapal in her decisive victory in yesterday’s election. “Pramila, an immigrant woman herself, has consistently been a passionate and tireless leader of the We Belong Together campaign and fought in the trenches for common-sense and humane immigration policies that honor the contributions of women. We are so proud of her and look forward to seeing her leadership make its unique stamp on the Washington State legislature,” said Miriam Yeung, co-chair of We Belong Together.

Immigrant Women Facing Domestic Abuse Need Stronger Protections

Adriana Cazorla
Women in the World - The Daily Beast

President Obama should take action now, during Domestic Violence Awareness Month, to protect immigrant women who are victims of domestic abuse from becoming victims of the immigration system, too.

I am a survivor of domestic violence, and I am an immigrant. My husband used my immigration status to threaten me for over twelve years.

Why We Must Protect Immigrant Survivors of Domestic Violence

Sameera Hafiz

October is Domestic Violence Awareness Month. Over the years this month has provided us all the opportunity to reflect and refocus on the experiences of survivors of domestic violence and untangle the issue from the tired public debate: the NFL responses, the Chris Browns, and the persistent question, “why does she stay?”

Orphaned by deportation: the crisis of American children left behind

Lauren Gambino
The Guardian

Ten-year-old Andrés Jimenez was looking forward to the end of summer. Not because he was particularly eager to return to school, but because the end of summer was meant to be the president’s deadline for taking action on immigration.

But Obama’s deadline came and went, and with it Andrés’ hopes of reuniting his family after his father was wrenched from his life three years ago.

Andrés was seven when his father, after whom he is named, was stopped for driving with an expired license plate, an event that would unravel the life his parents had worked so hard to build.