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Women, Black Groups Mark 5 Years of Arizona Immigration Law

By Griselda Nevarez

For organizers like Celeste Faison, the fight for civil rights isn't limited to the U.S.-born black community. It also extends to immigrants who experience hardships caused by what she sees as the nation's broken immigration system.

"Our struggles are not necessarily the same in every aspect, but our experiences are similar," said Faison, who is the black organizing coordinator for the National Domestic Workers Alliance.

Mothers at Texas detention centre continue to protest 'horrible' treatment

Migrant mothers held at a privately-run detention centre in southern Texas have begun further peaceful protests, reportedly refusing some meals and demanding their immediate release from incarceration.

Advocates and a detained mother speaking to the Guardian from Karnes confirmed the action was taking place, although it is unclear how many detainees are taking part. US Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) have declined to make specific comment on the protest at the centre, which is operated by the private security company Geo Group.

Mothers In Detention, Speaking Out

The women detained at the Karnes County Residential Center in Texas don’t know exactly where they are: they’re isolated, unsure of their legal fate–whether they’ll be allowed to remain in the US on humanitarian reprieve–and walled off from the outside world in a remote patch of Texas, which is known primarily as a place where migrants go to disappear. Amid all the unknowns about this place, the women do know two things: they belong with their children, and they do not belong there.

Mothers in Detention Will Not Be Silenced, They Will Be Free

This week 80 mothers detained with their children in Karnes County, Texas, began a Holy Week hunger and work strike to demand their immediate release. In a letter smuggled out of the facility they write:

“[D]uring this [time], no mother will work in the detention center, nor will we send our children to school, not will we use any services here, until we are heard and approved: we want our FREEDOM.”

Mujeres alzan la voz por sus derechos en EEUU

DREAMers' Moms en Florida están celebrándolo El Día Internacional de las Mujeres con una petición al Gobernador Rick Scott para que trabaje a favor de las mujeres. Ve el video abajo: