Wish for the Holidays 2014

6919 letters pledged

We did it!

Thanks to all your letters, phone calls, and all the other ways children across the country have taken action, the President listened.

On November 20th President Obama took an historic step toward fixing our broken immigration system by announcing several executive actions his administration will undertake to provide relief to up to 5 million undocumented immigrants and keep them together with their families.

Every day, families across the country are separated by deportations and immigrant detentions. 5.5 million children live with the fear that one of their parents could be deported. And millions of families are separated by a seemingly endless family visa backlog. These policies threaten the fabric of all of our communities. It just isn’t right.

Now, millions of children no longer have to worry about being separated from their parents, and their mothers and fathers can go to work, take care of their families, and live without fearing that they won't be able to go home to their children.

Children know that families belong together. A Wish for the Holidays is a project to tip the balance in favor of immigration policies that treat families fairly and to give children a chance to speak out. For the past few months we've been collecting letters from children expressing one shared wish: “President Obama, take action now. Keep families together!”

We know that the President's action excludes too many of our neighbors and loved ones, and we have to continue speaking up to make sure that all families can be together and until we win immigration policies that are fair to women and children. But this is a big first step in the right direction, and its thanks to your efforts!

Now its important that we show our support for the President's action and our commitment to keeping all families together. Can you help us do this by writing a letter thanking President Obama for taking action to keep families together? Can you invite the children in your life to write a letter thanking President Obama?

You can upload your letters here.

We'll be delivering the letters to the White House next week so make sure you upload your letters no later than Friday, December 5th.

Letters can come from children and youth of all ages and all backgrounds. Make sure to follow our Letter Writing Guidelines and upload your letters by December 5th.

If you have any questions, you can contact anna@domesticworkers.org.

Thank you for helping to make this powerful wish!