Wish for the Holidays 2015

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Thank you for joining A Wish for the Holidays 2015!

Every day, immigration policies separate families across the country. These policies threaten the fabric of our communities, and the wellbeing of our children. Though they are deeply affected, young people rarely have an opportunity to speak out about how these policies impact their lives, their families and their communities. A Wish for the Holidays is an opportunity for their voices to be heard.

This year we’re writing letters to the hundreds of children who will spend the holidays locked up in immigration detention. These are children who’ve come to the US with their mothers to find safety and are fleeing from violence and threats in their home countries. But when they arrived in the US seeking asylum they were sent to one of three detention centers – in Texas and Pennsylvania - that detain families with children. These centers are like jails and are no place for children. And now hundreds of children will be spending the holidays behind bars, separated from their relatives, and uncertain about their futures.

We’re collecting letters with messages of love, solidarity, and holiday wishes to the children in detention. Letters can come from children and youth of all ages, and they can be drawings, writing or both. Our goal is to deliver thousands of letters right before the holidays to children in family detention facilities as a reminder that they are not alone and children across the country are standing with them fighting for their release.

The youth in your community can be part of this powerful effort! This year children and youth from around the country have the opportunity to join their voices with children in detention demanding their freedom. We’ll be sharing copies of all the letters with elected officials to show how children are standing up for human and migrant rights and joining the call to #EndFamilyDetention.

We’re so glad that you are joining us. Our wishes can make a real difference this year!

You can upload your letters here.

Make sure you upload your letters no later than Thursday, December 10th so we can deliver them in time for the holidays.

Letters can come from children and youth of all ages and all backgrounds. Make sure to follow our Letter Writing Guidelines and upload your letters by December 10th.

If you have any questions, you can contact anna@domesticworkers.org.

Thank you for helping to make this powerful wish!