Wish for the Holidays 2013

6896 letters pledged

Thousands of children agree: our families have the right to be together.

Welcome to A Wish for the Holidays, a project to tip the balance NOW in favor of immigration reform that treats families fairly.

Every day, families across the country are separated by deportations and immigrant detentions. 5.5 million children live with the fear that a parent could be deported. And millions of families are separated by a seemingly endless family visa backlog. These policies threaten the fabric of all of our communities. It just isn’t right.

This year we are closer than ever to passing a fair immigration reform law that takes into account women, children and families. A Bipartisan comprehensive bill, SB 744 passed out of the Senate in June this year. In early October, House Democratic leaders introduced a comprehensive bill that addresses many unique needs of immigrant women and children. Building momentum to pass this bill is crucial to winning immigration reform.

Children know that families belong together. A Wish for the Holidays is their chance to speak out. Between now and the end of November, we will collect thousands of children’s letters expressing one, shared wish: “Keep families together! Fair immigration reform NOW!” In December, a youth delegation will deliver these letters to members of Congress, who will be preparing to spend time with their own families during the holidays.

Letters can come from children and youth of all ages and all backgrounds. Check out our Gallery of letters from last year. Then download our Activity Guide to learn more and get started. Make sure to follow our Letter Writing Guidelines and mail in your letters by December 2nd.

Thank you for helping to make this powerful wish!