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Washington, DC -- We Belong Together, a campaign of women for humane immigration policies that protect the freedom of women and families to live in safety, decries Trump’s newest executive order, in which he re-writes his previously issued refugee and Muslim ban. In an attempt to avoid the legal challenges faced by his travel ban in January, this latest executive order tries to re-do what has already been found in courts to be unconstitutional and discriminatory: target refugees, who are mainly women and children fleeing violence and persecution, and without factual basis, branding individuals from six Muslim countries as national security threats. This executive order comes at the heels of announcements over the weekend that Trump is considering adopting a policy to separate Central American mothers seeking refuge in the United States from their children.

Washington, DC — We Belong Together, a campaign of women for fair immigration policies, denounces Trump’s moves today to further solidify his mass deportation agenda. The Department of Homeland Security (DHS) tasked with carrying out the brunt of Trump’s Executive Orders on interior immigration enforcement and border security( originally announced in January) issued memorandum and FAQs today on how these orders will be implemented.