Immigrant Women Reject Stephen Miller’s Immigration “Deal”

January 25, 2018


Natalia Jaramillo,

Washington, DC - Today, Trump and his senior adviser, Stephen Miller, released an immigration proposal that uses Dreamers as political pawns in “exchange” for wasting twenty five billion taxpayer dollars on a senseless border wall, gutting our family-based immigration system, eliminating the diversity visa program, expanding the deportation machine, and sending children seeking safety at our borders back to dangerous situations.

The following is a statement from Jess Morales Rocketto, Political Director of the National Domestic Workers Alliance, on behalf of the immigrant women and families represented by the We Belong Together campaign:

“Stephen Miller’s immigration proposal is political theater for white nationalists that is dead on arrival. Nothing in it could be considered a reasonable deal for our families, for Congress, for Dreamers or for this country. It will not only sentence Dreamers to a Sophie’s choice of whether or not to protect themselves or their own parents, it will crush any possibility for families to stay together in this country, and will have devastating implications for women and children.

This proposal is nothing other than a nativist ransom note that pretends to support Dreamers, a widely supported population this administration can no longer ignore. This is not a solution. It’s further proof that this administration does not care about Dreamers or any immigrants and does not know how to govern. Congress must make sure this deal, or any deal like it, never leaves the table. This deal does not contain “generous provisions” and takes negotiations backwards.

It’s very clear who is behind this deal. Once again, President Miller is derailing any real talks of a solution for Dreamers with his white supremacist wish list that would destroy the foundation of our country’s immigration system and tradition.”

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