Trump Administration Continues Rampage Against Immigrant Women and Families

January 8, 2018


Natalia Jaramillo,

Women Condemn Trump’s Decision to Eliminate TPS for El Salvador, putting 200,000 immigrants under threat of deportation, and Call on Congress to Act Immediately to Protect All Families with TPS

Washington, D.C. - The Trump Administration has announced plans to terminate Temporary Protected Status (TPS) for El Salvador starting on September 9, 2019, threatening 200,000 Salvadorans and their families with being ripped from their home of years or decades.

The following is a statement from We Belong Together, a women-led campaign for immigration policies that keep families together:

“Today, the number of people affected by Trump’s decision to end TPS programs one-by-one increases to over 250,000 immigrants from four countries (El Salvador, Nicaragua, Sudan and Haiti) who came here after fleeing devastating natural disasters or violent conflicts in order to save their lives. This decision also sends a terrifying message to those from the remaining six countries who currently still have TPS but could lose it as soon as Trump has a chance to terminate their protections too.

In one swift blow, the Trump Administration has left over 200,000 people vulnerable to deportation. The majority have been living here for nearly two decades, own houses, do critical work, and are parents to almost 193,000 U.S. born children.

Araceli and Jorge, two immigrants from El Salvador, find themselves in a heartbreaking position because of this decision. Jorge is a TPS holder who has lived in the U.S.for 25 years, and Araceli is currently in sanctuary to stop her deportation. Together they have three small children. Araceli has counted on Jorge to take care of their children in case she was deported, but today’s decision has thrown the family’s lives into chaos and could leave their three U.S. citizen children without a family.

Congress has the power to stop Trump’s deportation machine, but so far has done nothing. Women throughout the country call on Congress to stand with immigrant families and children to protect the hundreds of thousands of individuals who have made their homes in the U.S. thanks to TPS. There is bipartisan agreement in Congress that a permanent solution for these families must be found, and three bills have been filed already to create a permanent solution. It’s time for Congress to stop talking and start acting now before it’s too late!”

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