100 Women 100 Miles Pilgrimage

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Immigration is a women's issue! We Belong Together unites women from all walks of life in the fight for common sense policies that treat women and children fairly.

From September 15 - 23, one hundred women will walk on a 100-mile pilgrimage from a detention center in York County, Pennsylvania to Washington, DC. Set to arrive when the Pope will be speaking in Congress and meeting with the President, we will walk carrying stories from a site of human suffering to the Pope with a message of human dignity.

Meet the Walkers

Pope Francis has said that the globalization of migration requires a globalization of charity and cooperation. He describes a world where no one is seen as useless, out of place or disposable, a church without borders, and nations that welcome the stranger.

When he comes to Washington, we will be there to greet him with the hope that each step we take is another step closer to a world of dignity for migrants.

Pilgrimage Schedule

Tues, Sept 15: Launch pilgrimage outside York detention center
Wed, Sept 16: New Freedom, PA
Thurs, Sept 17: Monkton, MD
Fri, Sept 18: Lutherville–Timonium, MD
Sat, Sept 19: Baltimore, MD
Sun, Sept 20: Jessup, MD
Mon, Sept 21: Silver Spring, MD
Tues, Sept 22: Arrive in Washington, DC - Closing Vigil

Red: daily starting points | Yellow: daily midday points | Green: Daily ending points

Messages of Hope

When Pope Francis visits the US, 100 women will embark on a 100 mile pilgrimage to welcome him and share their stories of struggle under our country’s immigration system. With each step, we share our hope for a world with dignity for migrants that heeds the Pope's call for “nations that welcome the stranger.”

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Latest News

Starting on October 11, the 100+ women who walked 100 miles will walk 1 mile on the 11th of each month for the 11 million undocumented immigrants living in the shadows in the United States. Together, over the course of the next 11 months, we will walk another 100 miles, with every step bringing us closer to a world of dignity for migrants.

Congresswoman Judy Chu of California had this message to share with the 100 women who walked 100 miles to carry a message of dignity for migrants to Pope Francis and the world.

100 women will keep walking until Pope Francis's call for compassion and dignity for migrants is answered. Watch and share the video on what's next for ‪#‎100Women100Miles‬.

“We must all take up the Pope’s call to not turn our back on our neighbors.”